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    Hi Everybody, 

    It has been some time...

    Hibernation time is officially over and I am happy to say the new Missfittings store is open for business! We are now situated on 4 Scott Street, Blenheim and yes this will be for the long haul, no more moving for Missfittings which is a great relief. 

    The new store will be offering a range of services too, some of these will be: 

    •  interior design consultancy
    •  furniture sourcing 
    •  home staging
    •  retail space

    Missfittings has a range of connections around Marlborough and New Zealand, so if there is anything I can help you with please do shout out, I love to ensure that you get the exact piece of furniture to suit your home. 


    There is a whole range of new items coming to the store this November, not only do we have a 20ft container full to the brim of new lush sofa's...

    We also have some hot new designs arriving from our friendly neighbours in Australia...


    Fazeek is a Melbourne, Australia based homewares company specialising in classic, modern linens and baskets with a hand-painted touch. 
    Inspired by the popularity and success of the initial product launch, independent designer Jackie Fazekas has worked tirelessly to expand the Fazeek collection's.
    With fifteen years experience working in hospitality and fashion, floristry and design, Jackie has cultivated a singular talent for producing stylistic, reuseable hand-printed and hand-painted wares. Combining stunning monochrome, pastels, pop colour and metallic palettes, classic cuts and eye catching patterns, Fazeek hand-printed linens and hand painted baskets provide a professional, playful addition to any living space. Designed to be admired, cherished and practical, Fazeek is passionate about offering a distinct, creative and complimentary living experience.


    Lovin Summer Beach Tents
    The Lovin Summer beach tents are a perfect addition to your home/bach this summer, they come with a gorgeous beachy design and are incredibly simple to set up at the beach or just in your back yard at home. Everything you need to put these bad boys up are even in a handy carry bag. 


      The Caker
      These cake mixes are beautiful packages of pre-mixed cake ingredients to which you just need to add some milk, butter or oil and fruit / nuts in order to make a fail-proof and ridiculously delicious cake at home, Caker style.
      Your house will be heady with the aroma of fresh baking, and you can tell all your friends you made your creation from scratch!
      All of the cake mixes are eggless and vegan - you can make them using regular butter and milk or vegan alternatives. They're also made with spelt flour, which can suit some people with gluten intolerance.  

      Missfittings will also be stocking a range of local designers in store, I will tell you all more about them in my next blog post.

      If you are a designer in Blenheim with an original product - please do get in touch as I would love to hear all about it. 


      In the meantime, pop in to 4 Scott Street and say hello! 

      Char x

    • Hibernation Sale!

      A massive 10-60% off!

    • Our Summer Update

      What a busy summer season it’s been thus far!

      We've had record sales over the Christmas season and two new due dates for the girls! With Anna expecting her first child in June and Charlotte expecting a wee baby girl on the 29th January. Looking forward to her new arrival…Charlotte has given us a sneak peek into her cute nursery.

      Charlotte Campbell's clouds Left print is "story time pumpkin" done by Guido Thum Right print is 'Mrs. Mighetto" Happiness unicorn card on bookshelf Granddads cot he made for me :) Dash and Albert rug Mocka chair Jamie Kay blanket Milk and sugar pillow.
      Featured in image;
      Charlotte Campbell's cloud mobile, Left wall print "story time pumpkin," by Guido Thum. Right print 'Mrs. Mighetto," Happiness unicorn card on bookshelf, by Little Difference Cards, Homemade cot, by Charlottes Granddad :), Herringbone Swedish Blue Cotton, by Dash and Albert rug, Mocka Chair, Jamie Kay blanket, Pillow, by Milk & Sugar

      We’ve had fun once again calling on our families to help us with all the moving and creating that goes on behind Missfittings, we would like to say a huge thank you, you have been the best support team we could ask for! 

      Earlier this month we completed another Home Stage, for Summit Real Estate, Summit choosing to go with the Missfittings 'basic package.' This home has now been SOLD! 

      We have a variety of options available with our home staging service, feel free to contact us about any needs you might have.  


      We would like to give a massive shout out to Furniture Gallery Blenheim for the use of their super comfortable beds. One of the great advantages of being based in Marlborough, is that ‘community’ support, and we are so appreciative!

      We have also had so much fun working on a brand new venture these last couple of months... we have recently been working in collaboration with the wonderful Tusha Midgley who is our local favourite and ever so talented Landscape Architect and Interior Designer. Helping to redecorate and rejuvnate local homes.

      Tusha is also the designer for Blenheim’s exciting Pop Up Parks (one is located right next door to Missfittings on High St). These Parks are aimed at changing the barren Blenheim areas into something more inviting and vibrant. We can’t wait! 


      If you’re struggling or would like some top tips with your current home and/or landscape décor, plans or ideas please don’t hesitate to contact Tusha or Missfittings:

      Tusha Midgley, Designer,, 021471669

      Missfittings,, 021986891

      What’s happening in February… 


      • A new container arriving full of Missfittings goodies and additional sofas!
      • We are continuing to place custom sofa, rugs and chair orders, please visit us at 15 High St to discuss your options
    • New Site!

      We have now moved into a new site and couldn’t be happier! 
      After spending a few weeks being website based we have now relocated into our new store at 15 High Street, Blenheim...For the long haul!
      Annnd in the same week another container arrived jam packed with loads of amazing comfy new Missfittings sofas, chaises and occasional chairs, we also have a new selection of indoor/outdoor Rugs & Woufs from Dash and Albert coming soon!   
      And some amazing new stencil artwork pieces from 7201 Design 
      And if your stuck for plantation creation ideas why not come in get your creative juices running by grabbing a Moss Ball kit!
    • Missfittings Offers Home Staging

      Whether its for a Real Estate listing, a Show Home project, a Spec Home, Residential, Apartment or Commercial, we can help show case your homes personality and create a welcoming home environment for your potential customers/buyers. 

      Missfittings Home Staging ensures every room has a positive purpose while maintaining clean lines, pops of character while allowing the customers/buyers to have an imagination of their own. Good Staging will add warmth, charisma, desirability and increase the value of your home. 

      CASE STUDY: Our latest Home Staging was for True Vision Construction in Marlborough who designed and built a Metrapanel home in Renwick. Steve from True Vision Construction did an amazing job with the design and warmth of this home so much so that we are very jealous of the up and coming renters! One of our favourite additions to the landscape of this home was the built up wall of dirt and planted natives in place of the usual fence and interiorly we absolutely adored the continuous flow of the kitchen, dining and living area which easily created a loving family feeling. 



      Metrapanel is ''NZ's most long standing '25 year proven' modular panel housing system... for more house and a stronger house for your money - the robust, durable, and energy efficient alternative! The concept of Metrapanel is brilliantly simple; solid walls, floors and ceiling panels pre-cut to simplify and speed up construction.’’

       If you have any questions or are interested in obtaining a Home Staging quote, please contact or the below contacts in regards to a Metrapanel home build and Brownies Mattress Direct.

      True Vision Construction, Marlborough, Steve Koller, 027 329 8747

      Metrapanel, Huntly,

      Brownies Mattress Direct,

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